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Popa (The Priest) – Popular Places in Sofia

Popa, The Priest – the small square or to be more precise, the small triangle locked between the central streets of Vassil Levski Blvd, Graf Ignatiev Str and Patriarch Evtimii Blvd possesses the monument of the last partiarch of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom – Patriarch Evtimii.

The statue remains, however, unnoticed among the so many people that crowd it in the Sofian evenings. The place is where everybody meets. Mostly young people, pupils and students.

It used to be notorious with the riots of the football hooligans, the fans of Levski FC who used to tie their blue scarves on the tree that towers over the meeting spot. But that is part of its history.

The location is very lively and busy. You can always see someone waiting. That is why there are so many public phones, too. Lovers, friends, business partners they all take off and find their way from one and the same spot. So I can freely call it an egalitarian spot.
»» Popa (The Priest) – Popular Places in Sofia

New Bulgarian University in Sofia

New Bulgarian University pulls many young people ready to take up the knowledge.

You can feel the dreams and hope in the air.

The variety, the freedom, the contemporary university…. NBU …

Article by Ali Grigorova
»» New Bulgarian University in Sofia

Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”

One of the most impressive buildings in Sofia is the edifice of Sofia University.

I believe few of you can remember a place in the world where the University is in the heart of the city.

The land and the money for the construction of the building were part of the will of the trader and banker Evlogi Georgiev and his brother Christo Georgiev (whose statutes are sitting in front of the University, sculptor K. Shivarov).

The University exists from October 1st 1888 when Prof. Ivan Shishmanov started teaching history and philology. But the institution of higher education did not yet inhabit the present building. The foundation stone of Sofia University’s new edifice was laid on 30 June 1924.
»» Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”

Eagle’s Bridge in Sofia – Boiling Point

Everybody in Sofia knows Eagle’s bridge. It is a starting point of many explanations how to reach a place in Sofia.

Probably the reason is because many public transport buses have a stop there.

Sofia public transport is memorable experience, but this is another story :-).

Article by Ali Grigorova
»» Eagle’s Bridge in Sofia – Boiling Point

The Central Hali in Sofia

*You may notice that after “Hali” I’m using “are” and after that it’s shown that it’s one building, not two or more.

This is because in Bulgarian the word “Hali” is in plural form and no matter that the place is one we are talking as if there are more.

The name means “The Halles”. It’s a direct translation from French.
»» The Central Hali in Sofia

Flea Market in Sofia

Antiques or just old things? Come and see!

The flea market in Sofia, this one which is next to Alexander Nevski Cathedral, is very interesting place.

Flea market in Sofia, Bulgaria

You can see strange people sell old weapons, jewellery, music instruments, medal, coins etc.

Flea market in Sofia, Bulgaria

»» Flea Market in Sofia

Where is the best Bulgarian Souvenirs Shop in Sofia?

There are many souvenirs shops in Sofia, don’t be afraid you can buy souvenirs even when you leave Sofia, after check in at Sofia airport there are some souvenirs shop.

Royal Palace in Sofia

But if you want to enjoy Bulgarian folk art and crafts I recommend to visit souvenir shop in the Royal Palace (at the same building is National Ethnographic museum).

The shop is at Sofia city center, the address is 2 Alexander Batenberg square. When you climb the stairs, enter Royal Palace and on the right is the door of souvenir shop.

Watch the movie at Royal Palace Souvenir Shop

Here you can buy very nice Bulgarian souvenirs.
»» Where is the best Bulgarian Souvenirs Shop in Sofia?