Sofia City Popular Places

Sofia city beauty is hidden in the places where locals like to spend their time – places to meet, drink and dance.

If you travel you know that sometimes famous places look ordinary ant not noticeable and you need a local to tell you the story of the place.

I hope my stories about Sofia city popular places to uncover the mystery why these places are famous and adorable.

List with future articles at this page:

Eagle’s Bridge
A place where you will pass at some point while you stay in Bulgarian capital. Look at the pictures of Eagles’ bridge and read the story about its construction

The Central Hali
A shopping place with interesting architecture where you can buy presents, Bulgarian food or just drink a coffee or eat ice cream.

Popa (the Priest)
The small monument of Patriarh Evtimii (aka Popa) is a favorite place where young people like to meet before going to have fun.

NDK – National Palace of Culture

Alexander Nevski

Sofia University
Read about the history of the construction work, see the picture of the building and feel the spirit of Alma mater.

New Bulgarian University
In this university variety is value. Read artistic article together with facts about this university.

TZUM shopping center

City Center Mall

Sofia Mall

TheCentral Hali – food shopping place

National Art Gallery

National theatre Ivan Vazov

Book Market on Slaveikov Square

Graf Ignatiev Str.

Vitosha Blvd

Some of the places are Sofia city symbols and if you like sightseeing I recommend to visit them :-).