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Sasa – Japanese Restaurant in Sofia

Sasa – Japanese restaurant is in hotel Hemus in Sofia.

For reservation: +359 2 963 54 14; +359 885 88 90 80

Go to the hotel Hemus in Sofia (just across the street of Sofia City Center mall (SCC), very close to NDK).

Take the elevator to the 18th floor and you are in Sasa. The restaurant is very refined, the furniture is carefully selected and you can see that every detail is perfectly executed.

Me and my girlfriend Kami, spontaneously went to Japanese restaurant, after we had a coffee in SCC.
»» Sasa – Japanese Restaurant in Sofia

Popa (The Priest) – Popular Places in Sofia

Popa, The Priest – the small square or to be more precise, the small triangle locked between the central streets of Vassil Levski Blvd, Graf Ignatiev Str and Patriarch Evtimii Blvd possesses the monument of the last partiarch of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom – Patriarch Evtimii.

The statue remains, however, unnoticed among the so many people that crowd it in the Sofian evenings. The place is where everybody meets. Mostly young people, pupils and students.

It used to be notorious with the riots of the football hooligans, the fans of Levski FC who used to tie their blue scarves on the tree that towers over the meeting spot. But that is part of its history.

The location is very lively and busy. You can always see someone waiting. That is why there are so many public phones, too. Lovers, friends, business partners they all take off and find their way from one and the same spot. So I can freely call it an egalitarian spot.
»» Popa (The Priest) – Popular Places in Sofia