Sasa – Japanese Restaurant in Sofia

Sasa – Japanese restaurant is in hotel Hemus in Sofia.

For reservation: +359 2 963 54 14; +359 885 88 90 80

Go to the hotel Hemus in Sofia (just across the street of Sofia City Center mall (SCC), very close to NDK).

Take the elevator to the 18th floor and you are in Sasa. The restaurant is very refined, the furniture is carefully selected and you can see that every detail is perfectly executed.

Me and my girlfriend Kami, spontaneously went to Japanese restaurant, after we had a coffee in SCC.

I knew that the view is spectacular and we insisted to sit next to windows. Of course all the tables next to the windows had been already reserved, but fortunately for later hour, so we finally settle where we wanted to be.

View in Sasa sushi

The waiter gave us 2 menus – one for sushi and one for the other Japanese dishes. The menus are very originally designed, very thick, 7-8 centimeters wide and like a fan. Depending on how you unfold the menu, it is written on Bulgarian and English.

Sasa sushi, Sofia

I took an “Uafu” salad with glowed tuna fish and salmon, I couldn’t remember another ingredients, but the salad is incredibly delicious and mostly because od the dressing – I could ate 4 such salads lol.

Uafa salad in Sasa sushi

The other salad we ordered was with veal (again I couldn’t memorize the name), but delicious choice.

salad wih veal in Sasa sushi restaurant

I couldn’t resist ordering sushi menu (as always when I am in sushi restaurant) – I chose the menu with 12 pieces of sushi + 3 pieces of rolls. The brought the sushi in a box and my first thought was “Wow, they wanted me to take a cigar?”

Sushi menu in Sasa, Sofia

There was no soy sauce at the table and waiters pour it from a porcelain bottle. Very kind, but it spoiled my method to dilute wasabi. Usually I put a small amount of soy sauce, than I add big amount of wasabi and than pound it with the sticks until it is well dilute it in the soy sauce. Next I stir and add more soy sauce.

You definitely have to try sashimi from tuna fish, because it is not only delicious but they served it very interesting. The tuna fish is sliced on strange pieces and they put in something like a plate over ice and there is a lamp in the ice too. The lamp was very funny because we couldn’t understand why it lighted on and off – the lamp had its own rhythm. I never saw such serving of sashimi.

Sashimi tuna fish in Sasa, Sofia

The other dish we ordered was cooked duck meat with vegetables. It was not lean meat and I can not recommend this dish to the lovers of diet eating.

duck dish in Sasa Japanese restaurant is Sofia

We didn’t drink wine, because I was with the car, but definitely a bottle of light white wine would go perfectly with Japanese food.

Rumi and Kami in Sasa sushi

Sasa is definitely the best Japanese restaurant is Sofia. It is more expensive than others, but it worth the money.

2 salads, 1 sushi menu, 1 sashimi and 1 duck dish are around 100 BGN (50 euro).

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