Reconstruction works of the oldest known fountain (faucet) started in Kardzhali

Kardzhali municipality, Rotary club and Istikbal foundation initiate reconstruction works of the oldest known fountain Aishe Molla. The plan is to renovate not only the faucet but also the area around it.

The initiation is under the motto “Our fountain is symbol of the tolerance”.

In order to raise money the municipality sells post cards on the value from 1 to 1000 BGN. Cards on the value of 500 and 1000 BGN are silver and gold-plated. On the card’s façade you can see the construction plan and on the other side is the legend about Aishe Molla fountain as is written from Mara Mihailova in her book “Kardzhali”.

You can buy such cards from the municipality lobby and some non government organizations took the responsibility to find market for donation cards. Every card will have unique number and names of the people who bought them will be written on the plaque which will be put on the fountain.

Raised money will be used for fountain renovation. The purpose is to raise 55 000 BGN for flooring and 30 000 BGN for lighting.Pictures of the construction plan:

Pictures of the construction plan:

Renovation plan of Aishe Molla Fountain in Kardzhali
Renovation plan of Aishe Molla Fountain in Kardzhali
Renovation plan of Aishe Molla Fountain in Kardzhali

Additional info about Kardzhali

Kardzhali city is situated on the river Arda and is 259 km far from Sofia, 90 km far from Plovdiv and 15 km far from ancient city Perperikon.

The population in Kardzhali municipality is 63 164.

European transportation corridor 9 goes trough Kardzhali.

City’s holiday is 21st of October. On this date in 1912 Kardzhali is annexed to Bulgaria. It is considered that the city is annexed exactly at 12.00 a.m. (lunch time) and that’s why the town clock plays the song “Great is our” at 12.00 a.m.

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