Burgas is the Capital of South-East Bulgaria

I was born in Burgas and proudly want to show you its beauty – the sea garden, the beach and the artistic spirit that lives there.

Note: you can see Burgas written as Bourgas in other resources. I prefer the first way.

My favorite place in Burgas is the sea garden

It is situated along the beach and is a place where people like to meet, have a walk, drink coffee, have fun and even sleep! The sea garden is full of greens – different types of trees, plants and grass. It is very relaxing to walk the alleys while your eyes meet beautiful green views. You can sit on a bench and watching the fountain or reading a book.

The sea garden and the main street that lead to it are walking areas and that’s why it is the favorite place for walks for all kind of people.

Mothers with children – I grew up there, my mom told me that as soon as she arrived at the garden and I fell asleep. There are not special children areas in the garden, but kids can play old fashion games like tag, digging in the sand, cycling, running etc.

Young people in love like the intimacy that some bushes and trees create. You can find many isolated spots where you can have private space :).

Families with children find the sea garden nice plays to meet friends because they can leave children to run around without worrying about any threats.

Retired people enjoy the surrounding crowd of smiley people. You can sit next to strangers and have nice, recharging talk.

In the summer there are lots of cafes and small restaurants outside (on open air) and it is very typical to go there for a beer, fried sprat and French fries.

Popular places in the Burgas sea garden are:

Pushkin Monument and alley

The Fountain

The Snail – it is a stage and lots of music events happened there

The Bridge

The Flora – in the spring there are flower exhibitions

Burgas beach is very long and the proximity to the city makes it preferred place for sunbathing

When I was a teenager we wake up and went to the beach where we stayed until 5 p.m. It was remarkable time – laugh, lazy laying, water games and incredibly good looking tan.

Recently Burgas beach is famous because of pollution due to the proximity of Burgas port. The sea is not so clear like I remember it, but this summer I was there for 3 weeks and I survived lol.

The beach is very windy and famous place to practice wind and kite surfing. On the North end of the beach (port is on the South) you can see groups of surfers from May till October.

There is a special part of the beach called “Eve’s” beach where women can have sun baths naked. There is no such men’s alternative lol.

Burgas is also famous because of the artistic spirit that lives there

I don’t know other Bulgarian city where so many artists were born – poets, singers, writers, actors, musicians and composers. The theatre was a center of life and people used to live with the new plays. Burgas is a host of many music competitions and the most famous is “Burgas and the sea” – many singers became popular because of their debut there.

Names of famous Bulgarians born in Burgas:

  • Rayna Kabaivanska – opera singer.
  • Toncho Rusev – composer.
  • Stefan Diomov – composer.
  • Nedyalko Youdanov – writer.
  • Petya Dubarova – poetess.
  • Toni Dimitrova – singer.
  • Apostol Karamitev – actor.
  • Georgi Kaloyanchev – actor.
  • Toncho Tokmakchiev – actor.
  • Tonika Se Ve – group of singers.
  • Dimitar Rachkov – actor.
  • Kiril Bachvarov – writer.
  • Maria Statulova- actress.
  • Eljana Popova – actress.
  • Rusi Chanev – actor.
  • Hristo Fotev – poet.
  • and many others :)

Facts about Burgas

  • Population – around 200 000.
  • Situation – on South-East Bulgaria.
  • The forth biggest city in Bulgaria.
  • City feast – 6th of December, on the same day is Bulgarian feast Nikulden – on this day people traditionally eat fish.
  • Famous events – song competition „Burgas and sea”.
  • Burgas airport is very close to the city, app. 10 kilometres.
  • The highway from Sofia to Burgas is not finished yet. The highway is from Sofia to Chirpan, than the road goes through cities and villages, and from Karnobat to Burgas it is again highway.
  • Resorts near (till 50 km) to Burgas – Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Vlas, Elenite, Sosopol (Sozopol), Chernomorec, Zlatna ribka.
  • 2 Universities – Burgas Free University and Professor Doctor Asen Zlatarov University.
  • The weather – Autumn is very mild and sunny, winter is not so cold because of the influence of Black Sea (it is still warm from the summer), springs is not mild (Black sea is already cold and slowly warming), summer is hot and humid.
  • Best time to go to the beach – July – August. I like also June and September, when the sun rays are very mild and it is not crowded.

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