Sofia News January 2008

Sofia News January 2008 – paintings of Bulgarian monasteries

Sofia news – where and what to visit in Sofia in January 2008 – paintings of Bulgarian monasteries and climbing the wall in City Center Sofia Mall.

If you like paintings don’t miss the exposition of the Bulgarian monasteries in the National Museum of History.

The oil paintings are created by the artist Rumen Yovov. The exposition is inspired by the Christian Monasteries and their role in preserving the Bulgarian national spirit through the centuries.

Glojenski monastery

The objective of the author is to re-create on canvas the 170 Bulgarian Monasteries. In the last six years the artist has visited more than 100 monasteries in Bulgaria in order to represent their magnificence.

The monasteries Glojensky, Troyanskii, Preobrajenski, as well as 46 other Monasteries are re-created in this exhibition, as a large number of them were not painted until now. The exhibition is not commercial and the paintings are not for sale. You can see the exposition till 31st of January.

Rumen Nikolov Yovov is born on 13th of January 1952 in Sofia. He graduated from “Akad. Ylia Petrov” Art School in the capital. He starts working as a designer and art editor at “Museums and monuments of culture” magazine, while in 1979 he becomes a member of “Atelier of the young artist”.

He is the author of a number of advertising projects for outside, inside as well as printed advertising, trade mark signs, catalogues, small plastic art etc. He receives the “Golden hands” award for packaging design of the cigarettes Welcome and Kenton.

He is the author of almost all the packaging designs of Bulgarian cigarettes from the near past, among them Victory, Femina, Astor, Welcome, Kenton, Top, O.K., Shipka, TIR (for Iran), Sofia (for Japan), KRIM (for USSR).

Adress: National Museum of History; 16 Vitoshko lale str.

Working time 09:00 a.m. – 05:30 p.m. The box office closes at 04:45 p.m.

How to get here: by bus routes 63 and 111, by trolley route 2 and by mini-bus, route 21

* Adult – 10 levs
* School and University student – 1 lev
* Adult with children: Single adult – 3 levs; child of 7 and over – 1 lev
* Taking pictures is charged: with a camera – 10 levs; with a video-camera – 80 levs
Entrance to the Museum is free on the last Sunday of the month.

The National Museum of History offers free of charge:
– Lectures in archaeology, history, art history, ethnography and museology
– Educational programs for children and students
– Access to the museum library

Sofia News January 2008 – Let’s start climbing

Climbing the wall in City Cneter Sofia Mall

My favorite sport is shopping. I find it really extreme, especially when there is a sale.

Now there is another extreme sport in one of the malls in Sofia. The first climbing wall in a Bulgarian trade center was opened in City Center Sofia.

Everyone that enjoys the extreme sports can try to climb the wall. The equipment is a copy of a natural rock near Lovech (city in Bulgaria). The purpose of the climbing wall is to make popular this sport in Bulgaria. That is why the equipment is for beginners. You must be with comfortable shoes (no high heels).

The equipment is provided there. An instructor will tell you what to do and take care of your security. You will be tied with protective cable. There is a life-net, just in case?. The height of the wall is 6.6 meters.

You can choose between 10 climbing routes. There are no restrictions of age or weight. So there is no excuse for not trying to climb the wall.

Address: City Centre Sofia, 3rd floor; 2 Arsenalski Blvd.

First try – 3 levs, second try – 2 levs; every other try – 1 levs

Working time: from Monday till Friday – from 04:00 p.m. till 08:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday – from 12:00 a.m. till 08:00 p.m.

How to get here: by bus routes 94 and 102, by trolley buses 6 and 9.

Article by Ali Grigorova

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