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If you are looking for Sofia restaurant at the heart of the city, with excellent cuisine this is Etno restaurant.

I like to visit it with friends, for special occasions or for late lunch in Sundays, or for spontaneous dinners.

Etno, Sofia restaurant

After entering the restaurant, you go downstairs and open a big wooden door. The saloon manager immediately appears and finds a suitable table for you. While you are choosing your entry dish, they bring something you absolutely must try – thin rolls with something to spread over them (I don’t know how to call this even in Bulgarian, because this is trade mark of the Etno restaurant and is not a typical Bulgarian entry dish).

Dampers and entry dish in Etno, Sofia restaurant

I am very predictable and almost always order my favorite Karna salad. It is made from baked slices of eggplant covered with mustard sauce, on top of this there are tomatoes and white Bulgarian cheese. I can’t resist not ordering this salad, it was love at first sight when I tried it for the first time.

Karna salad at Etno, Sofia restaurant

The other favourite salad is Kiopolu – Bulgarians think this is Bulgarian salad, Greeks think it is their dish, I am not sure what is first the egg or the hen, but I am sure that you will like Koipolu. It is made from baked and after that smashed and after that fried vegetables – eggplants, red peppers and garlic.

Kiopolu in Etno, Sofia restaurant

If you are a fan of the big salads, then order Selska salad – enormous quantity of tomatoes, cucumbers, white cheese and a spicy small green pepper. The other name of this salad could be “Salad for two people”

Selska salad in Etno, Sofia restaurant

I like to finish my culinary journey in Etno restaurant with Parsley croquettes with yoghurt sauce – if you like to try this Bulgarian dish, do it at this Sofia restaurant. Here are the best parsley croquettes.

Selska salad in Etno, Sofia restaurant

For meat lovers there is big choice from chicken, veal, pork and fish prepared in different ways. I heard good words for chicken fillet with garlic and herbs.

Chicken fillet with garlic and herbs in Etno, Sofia restaurant

You can spice meat with green paste from very spicy peppers and garlic, we like garlic very much :).

Spicy paste in Etno, Sofia restaurant

Now is Wine time. Yes, Bulgarian wine is excellent, but you have to stay some months to try all types and brands of wine :).

Spicy paste in Etno, Sofia restaurant

In this Sofia restaurant I discovered some wine pearls. Enira red wine – 2004 reserva. This wine is from a small vineyard from Pazardjik region (near to Sofia), made from 3 different grape kinds. The waiter kindly tells us that this wine is in the top 50 world wines for 2004. It has very interesting serving, you have to order and see the surprise. But hurry, because this wine is limited edition and I plan to drink the rest of the bottles :).

Cheers with Enira 2005 wine

The small brother of “Enira 2004 reserva” is “Enira 2005”, again perfect choice of red wine. I can describe 2005 edition like lighter than 2004. I am not a wine specialist and I can not tell you much about wine, I like them or like them very much, or don’t like, or fall in love. If I use my scale, I fall in love with Enira 2004 and 2005.

For reservations:
If you dial from mobile phone: +359 2 988 75 75
If you dial from Sofia fixed line: 988 75 75

Address: Sofia, 35 Alabin Str.

Etno restaurant, where the bottles are?
Rumi with friends at Etno restaurant
Rumi with friends at Etno restaurant

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