Sofia Restaurants – Le Dome – French Flavour Dinner

One of many Sofia restaurants in the city center is Le Dome – French Flavour Dinner.

I beat out of me the snow before entering the Le Dome. This winter has come too early. 5 o’clock has passed so I am a bit late!

I open the glass door. A young lad, obviously responsible for settling the customers, appears at the end of the light corridor. He recognized me – I was here yesterday as well. He murmured something to someone and disappeared. I passed by the kitchen and entered into the big hall.

Le Dome – French restaurant in Sofia

Alex welcomes me – he is the manager and one of the owners of the restaurant. He is expecting me. We spoke yesterday and he allowed me to make some pictures of the place.

I heard the name ‘Le Dome’ for the first time before May months. My friend invited me to her wedding. The party would take place in a restaurant at Karnigradska Str.

‘Which restaurant, say that again?’, I asked in amazement while talking on the phone. ‘Le Dome restaurant, you don’t know it? And still you live in Sofia!’.

So I, who live in Sofia along with a few friends…from Sofia as well…went to the wedding of our friend, who is not from Sofia, that obviously knew the places at the capital better than us.

a table in Le Dome – French restaurant in Sofia

The invited people were not so many but the restaurant itself is not so big – around 50 places.

On the other hand there is enough space between the tables for a person to pass by without the need of asking the customer from the neighboring table to draw back his chair.

That is perfect for the traditional Bulgarian chain dance.

Actually it was most frequently danced. The service was on a high level.

We laughed a lot when a fourth waiter in 10 minutes time came and asked me whether I want one more juice. Also he could recommend me something ‘else’ (whatever that means :-) to try.

I went out, away from the clamour, in front of the restaurant to talk on my mobile phone and when I got back inside again I saw how a skillful cook cuts tomatoes. It’s weird that the kitchen is with glass walls! Later on Alex explained me that this is a tease of the interior which allows the customers to see by themselves how the chef prepares their dinner.

Le Dome bar

So the wedding went on, young girls shook their bodies and young lads clapped in rhythm. That’s how I understood where Le Dome is situated.

„What would you like to drink” – the manager interrupted my memories.

„Nothing, thank you” – I smiled like a small child and took out the camera out of my bag. ”So now let’s take some pictures.” :-).

Hugged in the city center where contemporary Sofia restaurants are concentrated, it’s near the town bustle of Vitoshka, which is not transmitted to the restaurant.

Le Dome bar

The entrance is not impressive, actually it’s pretty simple. Only one red canopy marks that there is a restaurant on Karnigradska Str.

The colours – a mix of light beige and bloody red bring in heaviness and kingliness in the atmosphere. The leather chairs are huge and comfortable. The music is relaxing, the feeling – ‘very French’.

Le Dome opened in 2006. The restaurant is absolutely appropriate for business meetings and all kinds of events. The place offers VIP lounge as well, where the couples could spend a romantic night aside from the curious glances.

Over 70 different kinds of wine are offered. The kitchen is an international one but the dishes are mainly French and oriental.

What you should try:

  • „Le Dome” fillet – a veal fillet, bacon, shrimps and an apple salad;
  • Lamb cutlets, fried potatoes and mayonnaise sauce;
  • „Shuarma with veal meat” – marinated and roasted veal fillet, tomatoes, parsley and oriental ingredients;

Additional info:

  • There are tables for 2 to 8 people
  • Bill for 2 people is about 50-60 levs
  • A bottle of wine is between 30 – 450 levs
  • A menu in English is available
  • You can pay cash or by a credit card

Address: Vitosha Boulevard 18, entrance from Karnigradska Str.

Working hours: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

For reservations: +359 2 981 33 42

If you are looking for a not traditional Bulgarian restaurant, La Dome is a perfect choice like many other Sofia restaurants.

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