Sofia Restaurants – Sea Food in Tambuktu

I like to eat in Sofia restaurants because the food is perfect quality and I enjoy having a talk with friends while drinking good wine.

Sofia restaurant Tambuktu

Today we had lunch in Tambuktu – this is fish restaurant at the heart of Sofia city center.

This Fish restaurant is high quality and is good for romantic date or business meeting.

Tambuktu is famous because of variety of fresh fish you can choose.

The fish is in a big show cases and you can chose which one you want.

Sofia restaurant Tambuktu – tuna steak

We like very much steak of tuna fish together with potatoes.

You can chose how well the steak to be baked.

They say, with thin pink line in the middle is the perfect tuna steak preparation, but for my taste well done is better.

Last time when I was in Tambuktu I took fillet of sea wolf with vegetable garnish (made of zucchini and eggplant).

Sofia restaurant Tambuktu – sea wolf

You can order whole sea wolf fish also, but I was in a lazy mood and fillet was more tempting.

Of course waiters can remove fish bones for you and sometimes I like to watch this procedure.

The menu is not so big, but definitely only good choices.

They change the menu from time to time so maybe when you go in this Sofia restaurant, the menu will be different.

Sofia restaurant Tambuktu – tuna cessar’s salad

I remember in the past I had famous salad made from lettuce, mussels and delicious dressing, but they changed the menu and the salad gone!

Never mind, new salads are also good.

Last time I ordered Cessar’s Tambuktu salad – made of tuna on BBQ, several types of green leaves (arugula, lettuce …), dressing and croutons with spread tomato over them.

Sofia restaurant Tambuktu – fish fillet salad

Other good salad is with fish fillets and green leaves.

French fish soup is a perfect choice if you like hot, fish soups :-).

I like how Tambuktu looks – nice tables for 4 or more people.

Big aquariums separate the restaurant to 3 parts.

I recommend sitting next to some of the aquariums because they really look beautiful.

Sofia restaurant Tambuktu – crème Brulee

At most Sofia restaurants you can try creme Brulee, but in Tambuktu they make it really good!

The service in this Sofia restaurant is just excellent.

Bill for 2 people is 100 leva (BGN), add 30-200 leva if you drink wine.

You can pay by credit card.

Open hours: 12.00 – 00.00

Sofia restaurant Tambuktu – crème Brulee

Address: 10 Ivan Aksakov Str. (very close to military club or Russian church).

Phone for reservations: +359 2 988 1234 or +359 888 181069

Evenings and weekends this Sofia restaurant is fully booked, so make your reservation in advance.

Evenings and weekends this Sofia restaurant is fully booked, so make your reservation in advance.

Tambuktu restaurant is good for group of many people or for anniversary party.

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