Internet in Sofia – Where to Find It?

If you are addicted to World Wide Web like me, one of the first things to find out is how to hunt for Internet in Sofia. I swear that to find Internet in Sofia is many times easier and cheaper than in New York or London. Internet cafes are very popular, and you can use computer and internet for only 1-2 BGN (0.5-1 Euro) per hour. There is Internet service in the Computer Games Clubs, these are places where teenagers play network games, but you can check there your e-mail.

It is common to combine computer games and Internet service in one place, this way the owner has two independent income streams.

Reputable hotels have Internet services, but it is good to call to hotel Reception in advance and to check how you can use Internet. For example in Kampisnki Hotel, there is wireless Internet and you can use it everywhere in the building and in a close distance to the hotel. I tried it in the lobby – it is good and free – yes, they didn’t charge me or asked me for a password.

Not every hotel in Sofia has wireless Internet, some of them offer it trough network cable at your room or the smaller hotels have special room/place for Internet access.

If you want to ask somebody where you can find Internet in Sofia, it is more likely young people (teenagers) to direct you than adults. And it is more likely young people to speak English language.

Places offering free wireless Internet in Sofia

Onda Cafes – Internet here is not very fast, but you can check your e-mail and I think you will not be able to watch movies online :). I tried it at Onda Café opposite to the Russian Church at Car Osvoboditel str.

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