Toilets in Sofia – Public or…

I don’t like this topic and this is the reason I write a page about the toilets in Sofia. Okay, there is not much to say, just want to warn you not to use the public toilets. They are bad managed and not in good condition.

The alternative is to use toilets in the cafes, restaurants and hotels. Even the local residents skip the public toilets. The good news is that there are many, many restaurants and you can ask for toilet.

Most of the toilets in Sofia are paid, something about 0,50 BGN (0,25 euros). The reason toilets are paid is that the restaurant owner doesn’t pay to somebody to take care for toilets, and the toilet fee is a salary for the cleaner-man. Don’t expect to be given receipt, it is absolutely impossible :).

Excellent toilets can be found at hotels – and I strongly recommend this option, toilets in hotels are free.

You see, not much to say, but I hope this information will make your stay at Sofia inconvenience-free.

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